Apply for an Educational Licence

Note: If you are a lecturer who wants to apply for licences to add into your course, contact us here instead.

Exactal’s range of software is available to full time students & eligible lecturers/tutors under our educational licence scheme. For a limited time, Exactal is offering free educational licences to full time students, valid to 30th June for Northern Hemisphere students, or 31st December for Southern Hemisphere students. To request a licence, please complete the form below, providing your contact and study details in full.

After your request is received please allow up to five working days for your request to be reviewed. Once approved, you will be notified of your new serial number and download location via email.

Please ensure you have input your email address carefully with no spelling errors, and make sure you use the email address given to you by your university. Haven’t received your email after 5 days? Please check your Junk Mail. If it’s still not there, or you have other questions about this form, please click here to contact us.

⚑ Product version MUST match with your school / university
Contact Information
MUST use a student email address provided by your school / university.
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